key person to understand the professionalization and modernization of the representation of footballers in Spain.

In 1987, he began his career as a coach and scout for CD Logroñés in the most glorious and unforgettable time in its history. Promotion and 9 years in First Division being a reference team in Spain at the hands of D. Marcos Eguizábal.

Starting in March 1991, he decided to turn his career around, creating the representation agency ASESPOR and beginning to work as a FIFA Agent, as a sports consultant and in the design of humble sports teams and structures and achieving success. These are the cases of SD Lemona, CD Calahorra and Amurrio CF.

He became one of the first FIFA Agents at the national level and at the same time the youngest of the first batch. At the old offices of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, Alberto Bosch 13 in Madrid, intermediaries such as Fernando Torcal or Roberto Dale, just like him, converged to make their profession official.

From 1994 to 2001, Eduardo Llanos began to grow both in representation and business and opening the doors to international football in Europe and South America. Thanks to this he began to gain the trust of the football governing bodies.

In 2002 he began his work as an advisor at Levante UD under D. Pedro Villarroel, achieving two promotions to the First Division, the promotion of the subsidiary to bronze category and what is most fundamental: the consolidation of the Club, both in the first team and at the base on the national and international scene. He incorporated coaches such as Manolo Preciado, José Manuel Esnal ‘Mané’, José Luis Oltra and footballers such as Fabio Celestini, Vladimir Manchev, Pablo Cavallero, Nino, Ze María, Frederic Dehú, Salva Ballesta, Manu Herrera and Carmelo Gónzalez, among many others. . It was undoubtedly the prelude to the most important and recognized stage of Levante UD at the hands of Mr. Francisco Catalán.


In 2003, Eduardo Llanos founded EMART&SOCCER, successor to ASESPOR, giving a 180 degree turn to his philosophy and implementing the same Levante UD method that gave him so much recognition. It incorporated about 14 scouts spread throughout Spain, becoming the pioneer company in attracting talent and professional development of players at the national level. Consolidated footballers such as Carmelo González, the Castellanos brothers, Roque Mesa, Fabricio Martín, Ángel Rodríguez, Aridane Santana, Mauro Icardi, Andrés Fernández, Javi Álamo, Maikel Mesa… emerge from what is already known as the Emart&Soccer Academy in the Canary Islands. The same model also enjoys successful implementation in the Balearic Islands, with representatives such as Sergi Enrich and Abdón Prats; joining Madrid, Catalonia, Navarra, Aragón, Euskadi, Extremadura, Valencian Community and La Rioja.

Today EMART&SOCCER has become the leading business company in the First Federation and LaLiga Hypermotion (BIG DATA data). In turn, the company has created a powerful network of contacts and alliances at an international level, from the United Kingdom, through France, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Poland and reaching China, Thailand, India, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, becoming the company that exports the most soccer players in Spanish soccer.