Emart&Soccer's leadership and trajectory in professional soccer are based on a strategy consolidated for more than 33 years that promotes intensive and specialized work with youth soccer players.

We understand the relationship with the soccer player as a team growth process: from the grassroots to success in professional soccer.

On an ongoing basis, the scouting network and the company’s grassroots soccer department coordinate a selection process of the best players from the most outstanding youth academies in Spain.

After a detailed analysis, the EMART&SOCCER team designs a personalized plan in collaboration with technicians and professionals for the sporting growth and personal development of the PLAYER.

But grassroots soccer goes beyond sports at EMART&SOCCER: we believe in a real training full of values. We are a family.

With this model, in these 33 years of work, half a thousand canteranos have fulfilled with us the dream of dedicating themselves to professional soccer.

We are one of the representation agencies with the best loyalty and permanence rates. In fact, EMART&SOCCER players stay with the company for an average of 12 years.