Marketing & Media

Marketing management

Emart&Soccer has a team of professionals specialized in marketing and communication. This department conceives, develops and executes strategies to enhance the image of the sportsman in the field of marketing, advertising and the media.

Online reputation management

Information flowing through social networks and online communication services is a powerful tool that shapes the image of clubs and sportsmen. Emart&Soccer advises its clients in the monitoring, management and use of intangibles in the Network.

Management of the relationship with media

Emart&Soccer permanently manages (24/7) a communication cabinet at the service of its clients.

Communication of crisis

Communication on the Web has been transformed into an emission and response process in which information flows almost instantaneously. There are no control mechanisms or prior validation, which is why sports professionals are sometimes exposed to content that put in question their reputation and prestige. Emart&Soccer has recognized experience and effective tools for working with crisis communication cases.