Legal & economics

Financial advice

Emart&Soccer and its financial department advise the footballer in obtaining credits in current account, loan policies, mortgage loans, leasing, documentary credits, investment support, foreign transactions, credit guarantees, investment funds, savings plans, Pension fund, control of financial expenses and risk analysis, among others.

Legal advice

Emart&Soccer offers legal advice in all areas of the athlete, ensuring compliance with current legislation at all times, providing reliable solutions and effectively defending their interests before the precise judicial instances.

Commercial and administrative law

The professionals who make up the legal area of Emart&Soccer are specialized in Commercial Law (contracts, conflicts, corporate law, impugnation of agreements, insolvency law, mergers, divisions …) and Administrative Law (appeals, contentious-administrative proceedings …).

Fiscal and accounting advice

Emart&Soccer offers a comprehensive and personalized advice, taking into account the specific needs of the adviser, planning the decision making and obtaining the most convenient solution for the represented.

Labor advice

The complexity of legal regulations in the field of professional sports requires continuous advice in line with the needs of the player, which allows to take full advantage of the advantages in terms of the type of hiring, while providing an agile and efficient management.

Viability plans

The feasibility plans analyze various aspects of a sports organization or club such as the business idea, sports project, marketing and merchandising possibilities, necessary investment, human resources, economic-financial analysis and SWOT analysis. The result of the feasibility plan allows the investor to make the concrete decisions.