The emart&soccer model

Emart&Soccer is a pioneer company in Spain in the intermediation and representation of footballers. It has more than 25 years of experience and influence in professional football.

Eduardo Llanos, founder and director of Emart&Soccer, began his career in sports management and the intermediation of elite football players in 1992. He was one of the founding partners of the company ASESPOR and, in turn, one of the first Agents of Footballers registered by RFEF.

ASESPOR worked for 10 years with footballers from Navarra, La Rioja, Euskadi and Aragón growing and spreading to gain a decisive role in the Spanish football landscape. In 2002, he decided to develop into a professional structure and surround himself with a large group of scouting in order to improve the service to its represented and spread in the international market. Thus, in February 2002, Emart&Soccer was born with this objective. Thanks to his work and philosophy, more than 1,200 players have been represented by the company.

In more than 25 years, the teams of professionals who have directed Eduardo Llanos have demonstrated a solid experience and a recognized influence in the national and international market, becoming one of the companies of reference in the sector in Spain. At present, Emart&Soccer has 15 delegates in Spain and cooperates with more than 80 agents of players in the international scope. To offer a comprehensive service to its customers, the company has three departments: Sports, Legal & Economic and Marketing & Media.

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Emart&Soccer and LIAN SPORTS LTD, one of the leading agencies in the Forbes list of sports companies, have a collaboration agreement. The company directed by Fali Ramadani represents players such as Savic, Jovetic or Kalinic, among others.

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The five key points of the the Emart&Soccer MODEL


Maximum confidence

We are partners in the life path of the players we represent. We do not play dribbling short, we believe in relationships that grow over time.


Maximum proximity

We are a family that defends, advises and coexists with the footballer and his immediate surroundings. In the hard and mature.


Maximum influence

The proven and valued influence of Emart&Soccer over time allows us to have access to the spaces and contexts in which decisions are made.


Maximum innovation

We invest and work with methodologies and technological tools that allow us to enrich our decision making.


Maximum success

Our players are our best ‘ambassadors’: we build loyalty and grow thanks to their experience with us.